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Antique handmade, long piled nomad rugs are rare and unique. Primitive Rug reveals the stories of the nomadic people who wandered the deserts and mountains of Central Asia and beyond, leaving behind these woven works of art. In our store you will find an exclusive selection of old, nomad made rugs. 

These primitive hand woven rugs are from the Amu Darya in the north of Afghanistan, Samarkand in Uzbekistan, the Afghan Pamirs, eastern Turkey, Iran, Spain, eastern Europe, and the mountainous regions of central Afghanistan.


Shaggy Long Pile Tribal Nomad Rugs

Hazara Afghanistan

Robert Cobcroft

Hazara rugs  






Recent posts about Taimani and Baluch "sleeping" rugs have discussed the possible attributions of this unique and rare group of two piece rugs from Central to West Afghanistan and Eastern Persia. Taimani Aimaq, Baluch Long Bedding Rug, Baluch Two Piece Rug. Karl-Heinz Breuss contacted me and added the following and insightful comments.







"Hazaras: There are 2 different groups, the Shiite Hazaras of Central-Afghanistan, these people do not make piled carpets and have Mongolian faces, but these people make nice kilims, felts and good textiles. Your and my 2 pieces (see attached image) are more from the Sunite group of Hazaras, these people are in West Afghanistan, but also in East-Persia and even in South East Persia and produce carpets in the Baluch-Style, we count these Sunnite Hazaras to the Aimaq-Group. These Hazaras, the Firlouskohi and part of the Timuris have used Yurts and not the black goat-hair tents of the Baluchis. So I believe, that your # 1+2 (see attached image) are not real Baluchis, more Hazaras from Farah and Persia." Karl-Heinz Breuss




Hazara collection Karl-Heinz Breuss