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Antique handmade, long piled nomad rugs are rare and unique. Primitive Rug reveals the stories of the nomadic people who wandered the deserts and mountains of Central Asia and beyond, leaving behind these woven works of art. In our store you will find an exclusive selection of old, nomad made rugs. 

These primitive hand woven rugs are from the Amu Darya in the north of Afghanistan, Samarkand in Uzbekistan, the Afghan Pamirs, eastern Turkey, Iran, Spain, eastern Europe, and the mountainous regions of central Afghanistan.

Choga and Chuba a Central Asian Primitive Pieced-Skin Tradition


Shaggy Long Pile Tribal Nomad Rugs

Choga and Chuba a Central Asian Primitive Pieced-Skin Tradition

Robert Cobcroft

Choga and Chuba a Central Asian Primitive Pieced-Skin Tradition

Tibetan Choga

Tibetan Choga

The Choga Chuba Posteen connection.

In Bokhara Uzbekistan a "furred robe" was called a Choga, as noted in the 1903 glossary of colloquial Anglo-Indian words and phrases. At the same time in Afghanistan the word Posteen would have been used to describe a "furred robe". While in Tibet the word Chuba described a similar if not more cumbersome garment.

CHOGA , s. Turki choghā. A long sleeved garment, like a dressing-gown (a purpose for which Europeans often make use of it). It is properly an Afghan form of dress, and is generally made of some soft woolen material, and embroidered on the sleeves and shoulders. In Bokhara the word is used for a furred robe. ["In Tibetan ch'uba; in Turki juba. It is variously pronounced chuba, juba or chogha in Asia, and shuba or shubka in Russia" (J.R.A.S., N.S. XXIII. 122)].1

The glossary of colloquial Anglo-Indian words and phrases further cements the terminology associated with Central Asian Pieced-Skin Rugs or mats made of animal pelts, skins or hides - below is an updated Primitive Rug Glossary.

choga in Asia (similar to Togaa loose outer garment covering the whole body, except for the right arm, worn in public by the citizens of ancient Rome.) ch'uba in Tibetan

juba in Turki

pashmani - Southern province of Wardak

pachm wool in Persian

pachmani Kuchi Pashtun covers

pelisse a fur lined outer garment, origin old French, pelice Latin pellis

postak Kirghiz


Persian pustin of leather, from pust skin, from Middle Persian. an Afghan pelisse made of leather with the fleece on.



postin - Karakalpak

pust -Persian

pustin - Persian

sahynnax Yakut

shuba or shubka in Russia

takhta postak Wakhan Corridor Kirghiz mattresses, fur mats


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