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Antique handmade, long piled nomad rugs are rare and unique. Primitive Rug reveals the stories of the nomadic people who wandered the deserts and mountains of Central Asia and beyond, leaving behind these woven works of art. In our store you will find an exclusive selection of old, nomad made rugs. 

These primitive hand woven rugs are from the Amu Darya in the north of Afghanistan, Samarkand in Uzbekistan, the Afghan Pamirs, eastern Turkey, Iran, Spain, eastern Europe, and the mountainous regions of central Afghanistan.

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Shipping Info

Please contact us before making your purchase and read all of the details below, including our Returns Policy. We ship worldwide and within Australia. If you're near Brisbane Australia, please contact us to view our collection. 

The size of each rug is listed, please check these critical measurements to make certain the rug you choose will arrive ready to suit your intended use. 

With each listing the combined weight of the rug together with packaging is noted.

Please contact us about the rug which you have chosen and we will provide you with an accurate cost for shipping. In the Brisbane area viewing our rug collection and local pickup is possible by appointment.

Our usual shipping method for a small number of rugs is with Australia Post Express Post International, which includes a tracking number. With larger shipments we can provide an LCL shipping quote. If you wish to use your own carrier instead of Australia post, for example if you purchase a large number of rugs, we will work with you to ensure that the shipping arrangements meet your needs.

Your rug will be wrapped in double layered durable plastic to keep out moisture. Some rugs are then packed into durable cardboard shipping boxes, this is influenced by the number of rugs purchased and the weight of each of the rugs. Some smaller rugs will fit inside a post satchel. We take extreme care with packaging using the right materials to make certain that your rug will arrive without mishap. As rug collectors ourselves we want to see these rare one off pieces arrive safely and remain intact for posterity as well as your own enjoyment. 

We will not write a lower valuation on the shipping documents. It is your responsibility to pay taxes, import duties and any other import charges. Please check with your local authorities and ascertain if there will be any taxes or extra import charges and factor this into your purchase cost before you place your order.

Use the form below to contact us with any questions and we'll work together with you to make the shipping and payment arrangements as easy as possible. Please read our returns policy for more information on how to purchase one of our hand woven nomad rugs.

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